Orisha of Water, Health, and Wealth



An Orisha is a manifestation of God. Followers believe that these spirits will give them help in life, if they carry out the appropriate rituals, and enable them to achieve the destiny that God planned for them before they were born.
Olokun is an androgynous Orisha that can take on any form. As guardian of the deepest depths of the sea, Okokun is the owner of the oceans and all of the riches that they possess.
Okokun possesses unmatchable wisdom, governs over dreams, represents patience, endurance, observation, prosperity, wisdom, vision and royalty. Olokun is one of many Orishas known to help women that desire children, and people who desire power or political influence.

Height: 9cm / 3.5 inches
Base: 5.5x4cm / 2.1x1.6 inches

Vintage Olokun Mini Statue





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