Blue Tansy is the key Essential Oil is this steamer.  It's blue in color, but it's powerful effects is anything but! 

Blue tansy essential oil has a delightful warm, herbaceous aroma that can put your mind at ease in an instant. It is popular  to help with emotional issues like nerves, anxiety, stress and even cases of mild depression.

If you are at the end of your tether and are feeling that life is getting on top of you, essential oils like blue tansy are a wonderful and safe alternative to the very powerful medications prescribed for these conditions.


When inhaled or diffused, blue tansy has a wonderful effect on your mind. It can calm your fears and anxiety and help get your head back in the right space. Whether you have tried numerous medical treatments or you have suffered in silence, try giving blue tansy essential oil a go. You have little to lose and it may well work wonders for your mind.

Tansy Lull- S101





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