Call us crazy, but you can't have Good without Evil lurking to mess it up.

It ALL begins with a Clean Heart, Mind, and Soul. It's through constant cleansing that creativity flows and one's body is able to heal and regenerate. Which is why we created this line of INTENTION Products.


Spiritual cleansing is important for many reasons. The first being that it purifies your body/soul/mind and your sacred space of negative energies. Ourselves and our homes need to be regularly cleansed for this main reason. In addition to getting rid of negative energies, spiritual cleansing also purifies one’s aura and space of any negative spirits that may be hanging around.


Frankincense Essential Oil is the key element in this bath salt to promote healing and cleansing. Use it with the provided Wiccan Chant for a deeper effect.




SEKHEM Cleanse


SEKHEM (Heal/Cleanse) Soap