Singles, we celebrate you!

Over the moon or not so much about having your dance card not taken at the moment, we are here to make your days and nights good. Soak and relax in a soothing bath and curl up with a good book. This Fully Customizable box offers items to put a smile on your face, month after month. 


**PERVIOUS GIFTS- Sunshine Inspirational Necklace, Seasonal Eye Pallet, Premium Perfume Sample ***



1- Blind Date With A Book

1- Msytery Gifts

1- Bar Soaps

1- Bath Bomb

1- Bath Salt

1-Shower Steamer Sets (Total 3 Steamers)



Once you order this box, a questioniare will be sent via email to allow you to begin building your Single and Happy Box!

I'm Single and Happy

Price Options
One-time purchase
I'm Single and Happy
$54.99monthly/ auto-renew




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