A Signature Oil Blend For Calming Anxiety.



Ingredients: Rose, Lavender

Are you feeling on edge? Maybe you’re more anxious than usual or a big event is on the way, causing you loads of unnecessary stress. Take a deep breath and feel Calm AF with our signature oil blend, perfect for easing your mind in moments of high stress. Add it to your toolkit for the perfect addition to spells, rituals, and meditations. With ingredients like Lavender and Rose, you’ll be relaxed and surrounded by divine love.

Kick up your feet and feel Calm AF.

All of our oils can be used in an essential oil diffuser as well as used on the skin or in ritual and/or divination practices. Calm AF is made specifically to balance your mood by reducing anxiety and stress.

Wear on your skin when you’re needing to rebalance your emotions in order to get you through your day.


Calm AF works very well when applied to the skin or through the power of smell. For this, we advise that you place a few drops of the oil in the palm of your hand, rub your palms together to heat up and awaken the energy of the herbs in the oil and then place your palms to your nose and take three deep inhales.


Feel free to recite any intention or affirmation that you resonate with in this moment.


Calm AF Ritual Oil