A Ritual Kit For Abundance.


This past year has been a struggle for many, but why suffer more than you have to?

No longer do you fear about your financial future, instead, reach out to the divines for assistance in our “All of the Abundance” ritual kit. Crafted to help you reach your fiscal goals, find all that you’re lacking and more with the power of the spiritual realm at your side. With everything you need to craft the right energy you need, and crystals to help boost your power, you’ll find peace knowing abundance is just around the corner.



Pyrite Crystal
Citrine Stone
Crystal Quartz for amplifying the energy of the other stones
Green candle
Cinnamon Sticks
Honey Jar
California white sage sprig for purification and cleansing.
Holy palo santo wood from South America for sealing in good energies and welcoming positivity.
Pheasant Feather to aid in wafting the purified smoke + promote positive vibes
Custom essential oil blend for enhancing your ritual
Mantra matches to light your candle


Every delicate article in the kit is packaged inside an acrylic pillow box, and included is detailed information on how to use each piece effectively, as well as instructions for a simple, personal + prosperous ritual.

Crystals in this set have been cleansed+energetically charged.

As with all natural items including Stones & Crystals, please expect slight variation, in size, shape, color & clarity as no 2 items are identical.



The metaphysical properties associated with each item are for informational + entertainment purposes only. We do not claim that they will provide or guarantee any benefits, healing, or results in any respect. Metaphysical properties are not meant to provide or replace conventional medical advice, treatment, diagnosis or be a substitute for consulting with a licensed medical health care practitioner. Life Untamed will not be liable or responsible in any respect for any adverse effects, consequences, loss, or damage of any type.

All The Abundance Ritual Kit