Yes, we know that this line of products isn't for everyone. However, for those that are open to a deeper understanding of the Universe and the energies that are all around us, this is FOR YOU. 


Ying and Yang... Good and Evil... Positive and Negative... Cause and Effect, these concepts govern our lives if you want to believe it or not. And at the ROOT of it all is the POWER of OUR WORDS and your THOUGHTS. What we Affirm Today WILL bring about an outcome in the future. That's why the art of writing is called, SPELL*ING. Also, what you think, therefore you Become.

The INTENTION Line of products was painstakingly created after many hours of research. Paired with the right Essential Oils and Wiccan Chants to help to draw the desired outcome without causing harm to others. 

MRWT, SEKHEM, and HEDJI... Love, Healing/Cleansing, Money. What is your intent? 




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