Parisian Bath Tub



shower steamers​

We understand every day can't begin and end with a long soak. That's why we created our line of STEAMERS. NOT to be used with a tub bath, but in your shower to help with sinus, headache, relaxation, or for a quick pick me up to get you going in the morning.  All steamers are 3oz.


SHOWER: Allow for the heat and steam to build in your bathroom. Place steamer on the floor of the shower. The hot water will activate the steamer. Now, breath in the soothing aromas.


HOT WATER: Place steamer in a bowl of hot water. Allow the water to activate the steamer. Now, lean over, breathe in, and enjoy the soothing effect.

bath bomb

Bath Bombs are all the rage. All 6.6oz,  not heavy on the floral elements that can be annoying and can clog the drain, the use of Hemp Oil and premium oils, and your choice of Coconut or Almond Oil when you order.